Me, me, and yes more me

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The Cast of Characters:

DragonFly= me
DF Dad= my hubby and light of my world
DF Son 1 = oldest son, age 16
DF Son 2 = son, age 14
DF Girl = daughter, age 12
DF Son 3 = youngest son, age 9

Adopted Girls

B-fly, she got to us when she was 13 and is now 21 years old. she Has had it rough in her young life. she lost her honey and father of her two daughters in May. lost her living space was homeless and just had to all together learn a new way of life. Proud of her for doing so. I gained so much with her and my grand daughters.
G Fly, she came to us this past year and has been one of the best things ever to happen. she is 18 and going to Collage in a town 12 hours away.  She has been in my life for 3 years but made the move to our home right after high school.

So I am the mom of 7 one in heaven and the 6  here. I have the Older girl #1 is 21 and amazin. #2 older girl. is 18 and fab! #1 boy… he is my oldest and is now 16 years old. Than there is the #2 boy. He is 14 years old and a spit fire. Than my girlie and the one that has her daddy WRAPPED. She is 12.  Than there is the #3 boy who is 9 years old. And if any of them have me wrapped it would have to be this one. His smile lights a room

They all keep me moving and it is a blast. I Love being a mom even though there are days were I would sell them to the first gypsy that walked into town. Lucky for them … we don’t have any of that around here.

I am absorbed into trying to make the world a better place one child at a time. I am also trying to teach them good values. YES my kids have to do chores. And NO they do not get allowance, YET. I do reward them in other ways. They get everything they NEED…. and a lot of what they want. I don’t like them to watch T.V. And most of all.

Watch around here. You never know what will change.

My husband and I have been through a long year that consisted of the normal taking care of babies… and added to that. We were taking care of Hubby. Cancer overtook all of our lives for the past year. We sit on needles every test that he has. God has him firmly in his hands and I know that he will be well. Either here or in the air, God has him.

Feel free to leave a recipe idea for me. I love to cook. One of the neat things that my brother n law taught me, was to trust myself in the kitchen. I am a good cook and that I enjoy it… puts the love into my food that makes others enjoy eating it.

Thank you for looking at my site. I hope that you might learn something from me…. or might take the time to teach me something. I love to learn.