Every little boy dreams of having a snoopy dog…. But what boy DREAMS of having a Woodstock to go with his snoopy… T~Fly That is who.

And here we are… Introducing you to the last new member of the Americana family in our coop. WOODSTOCK!

She is a sweet bird that J.R. aka Spaz rooster has a sweetness too. she is the one that is first on the table every night to bed down with the J.R.

She loves to play peek a boo with snoopy while he is on his side of the gate or hers. either way this is a match made in Funville.

He is even willing to share HER flockBlock with her. What more could you want from a companion.

Best part is that she plays well with others. I LOVE LOVE LOVE her… and we all know that I am a Jealous Bird and have problems with new Chickens among the coop. In this Picture we have one of the columbian wyandottes. I will get to introduce you to them tomorrow. they are Cool Cats as Mr. and Mrs. Chicken like to say…

So this year while you are watching the Peanuts Christmas.

Think about our sweet little Peanuts here…

This has been Ginger Chicken

Reporting for the Chicken Nugget Gazette.

Ginger can be reached by leaving a message here. 


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