Lucky Bird

This is Lucky Bird. She has an exciting name, For an exciting reason.

When Mr. and Mrs. Chicken brought home all of our new sister wives, They sat outside with us to make sure we were being kind Welcoming. They left the yard for about 45 minutes and that was all we needed. the girls and I got together and started Chasing them all. as you can see Lucky is ALWAYS in motion. Lucky out thought us all. I write the paper so that is difficult to do. She Flew RIGHT OVER the gate. You would think that that would be easy, But it is a 6 foot gate. I stood in AWE of what little Lucky could do. Than decided I was going to PLAY DUMB when Mom and dad came back out.

OH they were so worried. Which I have to say made me a bit Jealous. They JUST brought these girls home HOW could they be so in love with them all ready. Whereas I was Born here, I didn’t realize what a process it is for them to bring home new birds. They had been over at the home these girls were being raised at MANY TIMES. Holding them and falling deeply in love with them. So to have this little bird (and she is little compared to us)run away broke their hearts.

They stood outside for over 3 hours and Mr. Chicken he got no sleep up and down all night looking for the little girl. Mrs. Chicken called the farmers that they got the birds from. Mrs. Farmer said they had 3 more birds like her and that Mr. Chicken could have first pick the next day. “But wait till morning, Baby girl might be hunkering down somewhere and when you let all the girls out in the morning she might just come running to be part of the family again.”

Here I thought I had gotten rid of that bird…. BUT NO!!!!!!!!!!

Once mom and dad let us out of the hen house… Our Mansion of a coop…. that little girl came RUNNING. RUNNING I SAY!!!!! she was on one side of the pen and we were on the other. Mr. Chicken he looked out and called momma Chicken right away.


So Mrs. Chicken Called Mrs. Farmer and said… “She came home all is good.”

Latter that day since I am such a Jealous Bird I tried to get her to run away again. AND WAS SUCCESSFUL!!!!!!!!!!

BUT Mom and Dad Chicken were waiting for me to do this again… Caught me in the act and that little girl ran tot he spot she hid in all night.

Our Neighbors house!!!!!

That’s Right, Mr. and Mrs. Hiding spot has a neat little canvas Garage and little Lucky spent the night in the garage all by herself.  Much to the amusement of Mrs. Hiding spot. she giggled while Mr. and Mrs. Chicken were out in their yard chasing her trying to get her to come back to the yard. I went back to my business. :) I was happy that this was one flighty bird and she was going to be easy to spook.

Mr. Chicken named her Lucky. said she had a cats life… something about having 9 of them and that she was down one. I am hoping to get rid of the other 8. :)

Mrs. Chicken was frustrated that she couldn’t get Lucky Bird to slow down enough to get a good picture of her for me. But as I told her… She is always in motion, you are showing her just fine. I know I will get over being jealous.  Mom says to give her a chance. and I will. but if she doesn’t show herself to be a good sister wife. I will just chase her over the fence again. But for now, I am going to give Lucky Bird a Chance. She can be sweet when she wants to be.

Tomorrow I will introduce you to WoodStock. She is a sweet bird and I enjoy her so much. For now

This has been

Ginger Chicken

Reporting for the Chicken Nugget Gazzet

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