I FINALLY got the keyboard back.  DO NOT let your chickens in to use the computer. They have a HARD time letting you have the controls back. BUT now that I am here. I have decided that I will share with you all once a week the

50 Shades of Chicken.

Many who know me, Know this was going to head in a different direction. BUT MOM in all of her wisdom and fun. helped me come up with a neat and different way to talk about the 50 shades of Chicken. Today we are going to talk about this little guy here.

Someone brought this over to me as she was not going to eat it. and what do you do with something like this… well you make something interesting.

I asked…”What do you want for Dinner?”

Loaded question when talking to K~Fly… today. “RICE! Anything with Rice!”

Now look above again… ANYTHING WITH RICE…. Hmmmmmmmm……. Time to get Creative. :)

So Rice on to Boil… I stared at the trusty friend above and wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it. Than I looked at the Veggies from ¬†Ridgeway Farms. There has GOT TO BE SOMETHING I CAN DO!!!!!!

I just started Chopping. I put the Sausages on to Cook in a pan while I went to work on Veggies.

and I tell you something AMAZING HAPPENED…..

the First of the 50 Shades of Chicken. Simple and Delicious.

Sweet Green Peppers, sausage and rice. a little bit of your fav. sauce. and enjoy.

D~Fly out

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  1. that mama says:

    love it. You are so creative :)