Fall days….

dee dee dee dee… here comes the leaves…. and it’s all right….
By: Ginger Chicken


The fall leaves are all around us today. They are so beautiful. wasn’t today a blast. I sure enjoyed what the human girls did for us today.  There are so many leaves and they came out with rakes and thought they would clean up the yard…. WE SHOWED THEM!!!!!!  Really girls those big piles of leaves were calling names.

“Oh Fluffy over here.”

“Prickle did you see this pile oh leaves.”

“Muffin…. Come to me Muffin….”

“Ginger… sweet Ginger…. you want to jump in here…..”

” Vlad…. you MUST scratch HERE~!”


“Caesar!!!!  You MUST come over HERE…. and Love the leaves!”

Now through all of this fun. we made sure the Humans Got NO WHERE! LOL! the leaves are still there for us to enjoy!

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^and under there….. was a FROG!!!^^^^^^^^^^^^^

So with all this fun, I leave you with Pictures of the Pink Ladies…

Look first….

Than you scratch scratch.

Than grab the grub!!!!!!

Be looking for the Humans tomorrow. I heard them talking about trying to do this again tomorrow. I say we have loads of fun and we keep them hopping from pile to pile.


This has been Ginger Chicken 

Reporting for the Chicken Nugget Gazette

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