Chicken Nugget Gazette 9.28.2014

Winter is coming in fast

By:Ginger Chicken


I am sure that you girls have noticed that it is getting a little feather ruffling outside. Even the humans are walking around with a hoodie or a coat on.  So this brings us to the ways we should be keeping warm. Were it is loads of fun to be in the arms of our humans gaining warmth off of them we cannot do this everyday. They have smaller humans to take care of. Can anyone explain to me why they still have to care for them like that after a few months? Seems so strange.

Like Salt water taffy, we all seem to have eyes out for the human that is sitting, or is willing to stay put for us to gain heat from.

Salt shows here it is Possible for  us to burrow into their shirts or sleeping bags easily enough.  But as I said this is not realistic for long term. so How are we going to keep ourselves warm? I sat and did a bit of research. Chicken Chick is forever a place we go for information to help the Humans with how to care for us.


So I looked up what we can do to keep warm this winter:

  • Lots of water. Girls we are blessed that our Humans keep water out for us in 5 locations in the yard and they make sure they are clean an hot frozen. there are not many Hens that are as lucky as us. so USE those and keep yourselves hydrated this winter.
  • Frostbite is a huge enemy. Vlad knows all about that pain. He suffered greatly last winter which is what prompted the new and improved coop. so now that we are set for this. Remember to keep your chins up. Our Humans are looking out for us and are quick to intervene if there is an issue. Maybe try not to breathe as much in the coop so that there wont be as much humidity inside. Humidity is the enemy that leads to frostbite.
  • Our bedding will not add to the moisture this winter. these Human shave changed the floor litter to sand. GENIUS! it is AMAZING and cuts out the humidity BIG TIME.
  • Wind breaks~ I know that we need one. I have been talking to Mrs. Chicken about that. I believe that she is right there with me on the thoughts of how to add this to our run area. This winter will not be as rough as last winter for sure. :) She is determined to make the 40 below zero weather easier on us. :)
  • We need to eat to keep warm. Mrs. Chicken made us those AMAZING new feeders. I So LOVE them. as I know that you all do too. We need to make sure to eat to help us put off heat.
  • We need to cuddle. EVEN the friends we don’t always get along with need to have a feathered hug. When you notice your fellow sister getting cold. go snuggle up. Even Fluffy would be open to a feathered hug.

These are a few pointers that I was able to gain from the Chicken Chick. there is TONS of information there and I know that Mrs. Chicken is looking into a few more of these details for our yard. she is excited to do new things for us. and I know that she has a few surprises still to come. I wish i could put these things into my report, But as usual she has sworn me to secrecy.

While watching that Salt Water Taffy warm up to Mrs. Chicken I couldn’t be left out.

We are so lucky to have a Human Family like this one. They are willing to keep us happy and healthy. We trade that off with Giving them eggs to eat. and BOY OH BOY are we doing wonderful in that area.

Muffin wants to report about that….

“Are you talking to me Ginger….?”

“You are!!!! Okay”

Ahem make sure to get my good side…..

So a report on production is what the Editor in Chief asked me for. Vlad is supper happy to hear how well we are doing. 11 eggs yesterday alone. But look at the past 5 days!!!!

so manyEggs

Mrs. Chicken was getting ready to take these pictures and D~Fly walked by and said. “Talk about all your eggs in one basket. Doesn’t it say NOT to do that mom?”

How can you as a chicken or a human not bust out laughing at that one.

I noticed Mrs. Chicken taking the time to think about that before continuing. Didn’t stop her but she also didn’t drop or break any either. Thank goodness. we work hard on those. :)

This excerpt has been by Muffin.

As the days get shorter and the weather gets colder, Remember ladies to keep your butts up!

Riffle through the leaves,

And run around as much as you can.

By the time the leaves are all off the trees the worms will be sleeping and we will be in snow.


So enjoy what we have left of fall! Follow our trustful leaders Example  and snuggle a human today. :)


Even if you crow in the face of LOVE

This has been Ginger Chicken reporting for the Chicken Nugget Gazette.

The Chicken Chick

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