It’s MAIL TIME!!!!

In this day and age… Mail doesn’t come like it used to. In this instant gratification known as social media and email someone can talk with a friend just as fast as a phone call. Every now and than someone AMAZING comes along in your life and sends you a sweet something in the mail. I get something every now and than, yet today…. it was K~Fly’s turn.

She was so excited today when the latter came. I think it was more seeing who it was from than really what it was. Look at those cute little toes.

There inside was a sweet card.. she took the time to read it a few times and giggle.

FUN SMELLS!!!!!!! she is supper excited. and while she was enjoying the new smells… I caught her in a normal smile. it was a moment of weakness that she swears will never happen again. But I sure do love her natural smile.

Thank you so much for brightening her day. It is so sweet that you took the time to make her smile and Stink good! :)

D~Fly out~!

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  1. da gramma says:

    she looks so much like you it makes my heart hurt a little. Love that someone sent her some mail. <3

  2. Dragonfly says:

    You HURT!?!?!?!?
    No Nanna… you LOVE that she looks like me.
    It means your genetics are that strong. you will be passed on. :)
    I think she is BEAUTIFUL!
    and that she looks like dad. :) LOL!