By: Muffin

These humans have strange things. When I was in the house today they were showing me a Kindle Fire…. I have NEVER seen such a thing.

But as I got too looking and the Humans were showing how we could even write this page from the tablet, I noticed there was a neat place on there called apps! and what do yout hink I found. the COOLEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!


The Human Children have it figured out… but Mrs. Chicken she is having a more difficult time. The Kids tried to explain to me that it is because she is OLD something about Oldtimers disease. I don’t know anything about that But I know that she was ┬áhaving trouble figuring it out… so I sat with her for a while. and unlike the human children was kind and held her little beak through it.

With a little love and support we were able to get her to win a game.

I’m so proud of Mrs. Chicken. she needed A LOT of help. But we were able to get her to BRIDGES now!!!!



She is figuring out that one now.

and me. I found a more fun place to be….

The loving arms of the I~fly. that sweet boy. he is so much fun to hug….

What? Don’t you judge me until you have had one of his AMAZING HUGS!!!!!!

I tell you it is worth snuggling in for!

This report has come to you by the great and MIGHT MUFFIN!!!!!

Chicken Nugget Gazette

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