Hospital Trip

I called hubby when I got home and his Van wasn’t here. Normally that is a sign one of the kids is sick. I was right.  He was right up the road Picking up our beautiful girl from school. When she got home I knew this was different. She was hot and red in the face and crying as she walked. when we laid her down it was to painful to be in a fetal position but that is what she wanted to do. so I did… “THE FOOT TEST” She was visible uncomfortable so I figured it is better safe than sorry.

Calls out to Momma and sis Texts out to prayer warriors. Than off to the hospital we went. With Momma meeting me there I knew we were going to have an amazing support system. I didn’t realize at the time how much I was going to need it. This story is going to be a little about something from Years ago. Hold onto your hats. I got sissy girl checked in while she cried on Nanna’s shoulder her pain had gone from a 4 at home to an 8 by the time we got there.

Walking seemed to make it worse so when the nurse came to get her we put her into a wheel chair. Anything to make it easier for her to get back there and get care. What I didn’t expect was that room. Them to walk to Room 3.  I thought in the beginning that they were going to 4 or 5… But they kept going… kept going… and walked into the room.

I went into a panic.

I couldn’t walk.

I Couldn’t breathe.

I couldn’t talk.

All I could do was Gasp and have tears fall.

Thankfully MOM was there. and she took over getting Kinzie into a room. Than a nurse showed out of no where behind me asking what was wrong. I could get out It’s okay I just need to breathe. I just need a minute. I just need to breathe. I just need to Breathe.

I think mom was torn. go in with granddaughter  who is clearly in pain, Or (go slap daughter tell her to shake it off and get in there) Help daughter through her Panic attack.

Mom walked out and told me. TELL the nurse what is going on….

All I could say.

“My * Breathe* Son *TEARS* Died *Breathe* IN THAT ROOM *SOB*

I just need a min. I just need to breathe I just need a min. Ill be okay. it needs to have better memories.

I was able to walk in. it took me a bit. But I did. and no one tried to get me to move. my daughter was in there and she needed me more than the Panic that griped my heart. My little girl sat in there with everyone else not knowing why I stopped. Why my feet hadn’t moved. So I told them all it was fine. we could stay in the room. no worries.

Nurse said “Okay okay but this is about ME not you… and I want you to be in another room.”

We took a small tour of the hospital looking for an open room and we found on in room nine. (after rooms 10 and 12 had kids in it all ready)

K~Girl got setteled and nurse checked her in than Sissy girl looked at me and said. “Mom what was wrong with the other room.”

Me~ That is the room your brother died in or rather his body was in waiting for me to go see him. It is fine. Mom just panicked a little.

K~Girl~ Oh okay…..

Than we went strait into making her better. When she walked it hurt worse. no idea what was going on. I was going through all things that would come to my mind. Kidneys, UTI, Appendix, Gall Bladder. I just couldn’t figure it out. BUT I knew it wasn’t normal. She was in tears. I was in tears. and there is NO ROOM IN YOUR HEART FOR FEAR when you have FAITH IN YOUR HEART!  So let it go. and have Faith. this is ALL IN GODS HANDS.

By the time Doc. got in there…..

A girls pain was at a 2. she was playing on my Kindle.  when laying down pain was less. so we kept her low.

He explained to her. Girls are more complicated. so we did blood tests and an X~Ray.We learned a lot. Her labs looked great! her X~Ray showed she is FULL O’ CRAP! So we have giggled that when I told her she was full O’ Crap she didn’t have to go and make it real. In the X~ray we could see bowel through all her large intestine. so she was miserable. and FULL!

KNOW what to look for. impacted bowel symptoms

She is doing better today. she is still Nauseous here and there. But her smile is HUGE

The Best part of last night….

Doc “To help out I would like you to take Milk of Magnesia!”

K~Girl……… ” I there an Amnesia animal….?”

I BURST out laughing….

Doc Confused.

Explaining…” Cause it is Milk… what animal does it come from? Amnesia?”

Me and NANNA HI FIVE!!!!!!!! Something to put on the BLOG!!!!!!!!!!

Doc said he enjoyed her way of thinking and asked latter what she wanted to be someday. as did the nurse… An ACTOR!

YUP! she will DO IT!



Think outside the cow!


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  1. Shelly says:

    Oh MY GOSH, Jenn, as heartbreaking that story was.. The ending was so delightful, in my thoughts I think Im drinking milk made from anmesia cows, because its getting harder to remember things!!! HAHAHA :)