Today’s Focus is Me! Muffin!

There has been much said. FROM FLUFFY and GINGER about me. and I am here to set the order strait.

I am a sweet loving bird. I want nothing more than (to cause trouble)to fit IN!

Have I jumped the Fence??? Why YES Ginger< I have. But it was only to do good. see If I jump the fence and go under Chicken Pirates window and scream at him …

He gets up and gives us a treat. Trying to “Keep Us Busy” so we wont do it again. But you see. I have this figured out. If I jump he spends time with us.

That is until I came around expecting to see Chicken Pirate…. and all I saw was MRS. CHICKEN! well that was the end of my first wing. and I thought If I sqwaked a bit louder under the window Chicken pirate would come and listen to my side of the story and understand how I felt. BUT NO! It was Mrs. Chicken again and there went my second wing!

Once I was missing my wings … the kids felt bad so they sat with me and loved on me. now you other girls MIGHT be jealous about that but really we all get attention. Just some of us stir the pot a bit more than the others. Which of course means we are in the loving arms of the Humans a bit more often.


You had been sitting in the PRIMO BOX for over 3 hours. HOW LONG do you expect me to hold in an egg. REALLY! couldn’t you just Share like Mrs. Chicken always asks us to. WOULD IT BE SO HARD!?

I believe that I have been a rather good girl for a day. But really who wants to get her feathers wet anyway.  I know that it is raining today and that is stinky BUT I think I will sit in the Dog house this morning. You girls are just TOO FULL of Drama For me.

Muffin Chicken Writing for the Chicken Nugget Gazette

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